10 tips to get work without experience

How to find a job for the first time? Whilw you are young and inexperienced, find your first job is difficult. We know. However, we can offer you this tips to help if you interesting in it (you are, otherwise you would not be reading these lines).

Youth unemployment is one of the most affected by this labor and economic crisis, given that this sector of the population stands at 46.50%. Despite the training, inexperience plays a trick on any young man who after his studies seeks to find his first job.
To turn this figure around, Ramón Aragón, Director of External Relations for ESCP Europe, gives us some keys to improving work in this population range (especially necessary if you are young and inexperienced):

1.-The self-evaluation: Stop for a moment, analyze and better know your professional profile: who I am, where I would like to go, what skills I have and who may be interested in a profile like mine. To whom I turn. To do this, you can prepare your Career Plan that will help you put all your ideas in order.

2.-Practice the technique of the Mirror: Use this technique to continue knowing you better. Ask your friends and family how they see you and what they appreciate most about you. There are key competences in the junior stage that are so innate that they seem universal, but they do not. They can be the differential factor to get your first job.
3.-Investigate who you should go to the company. Information is power. Find out through the systems at your disposal: RRSS, webs, directories, press, etc. Information about the "target" company and the people who work on it. Customize to the maximum your candidature because it will differentiate you from possible competitors. Make several versions of your CV depending on the company you are addressing and the position you choose. Remember that the format has to be as visual and attractive as possible and reduced to a single page. Concentrate on what is important and emphasize your achievements.

4.-You and your personal brand. Start working on your personal brand that you will develop in the same way as a trademark, think you are a product or line of business. Identify your differentiating advantages, plan a strategy, design a plan of action and launch yourself through the various on and off line platforms that you have easily available to get your first job.

5.-Looking for work is one more job. Check yourself a schedule, a space and some daily goals. The routine and organization to achieve success in this new performance and keep in mind that you have all the ingredients of a full time job unless the salary is deferred until you get the new one you are looking for. Your first job will be the search for your first job.

6.-Activate your network and find employment networking: Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work and what type of work (do not forget to detail in a minute where you are headed), communication is important. Remember that you can invest a lot in launching a new product or service but if no one finds out it is of no use. It is very possible that some of these acquaintances can open a door that only you can take advantage of. According to recruiting experts more than 80% of new employment contracts have not been published anywhere and are covered through direct contacts.

7. Do not lock yourself. Moreover, take advantage now more than ever the opportunity to attend any event of the type where you can find interesting people and expand your networking. You never know where the opportunity may be.

8.-Focus on the qualities you possess in which event you are being interviewed. Ask your interlocutor to define as best as possible the profile of the person being sued so that you can fine-tune yours.

9.-Keep track of the phone and let the company see your interest in the application. Before and after the shipments you make especially considering that very few people do. This action will help you to differentiate yourself from the rest and increase your chances of success.

10. Be always positive. It conveys enthusiasm and enthusiasm throughout the entire search project. You never know when the offer you are looking for can be reached.

Forget that you are young. Forget that you are a recent graduate with no experience (or with very little). Mentalise yourself and repeat, over and over again: "I'm going to find my first job!". Do not give up. Cheer up!

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