If You Say "Yes!" to These 5 Questions, It's High Time to Change Your Job

Deciding when to move on from a job can be difficult. You’ll wonder whether there’s really something bigger and better out there. Or whether you’d be happier staying put with the devil you know. But if you say a resounding “Yes!” to these five questions, it’s definitely high time to put your CV out there and change your job:

Do you dread going to work every morning?
For many of us, it’s unrealistic to expect to be 100% happy every minute of the working day. Sometimes work is stressful or boring or we have to do things we don’t particularly like doing. However, we spend a lot of our lives at work. At least some of the time you spend there should be happy and contented. If you dread going to work each and every morning (or even just the majority of mornings) it’s time to look for something new. Try to work out why you dread your days so much and look for a new job that offers an alternative.

Does your workplace and your team have an unhealthy dynamic?
Dealing with negative workplace dynamics can be emotionally draining. If people are operating with a hidden agenda or your colleague spends the whole day moaning to you or your boss treats you unfairly, this doesn’t facilitate good team work or a positive work environment. If your team has an unhealthy dynamic and you don’t see it being altered any time soon, get online and find your next job opportunity sharpish.

Do you want the opportunity to use different skills?
People and companies change over time. Perhaps you were hired when a certain set of skills were most important to you. But now you want to develop in a different direction. Everyone should have the opportunity to grow and progress in their work. It helps us to stay motivated and gives us great work satisfaction. If you don’t have those opportunities where you are now, a move to a new company could provide you with the scope you need to develop the skills you’re most interested in.

Are your own values very different from the ethics of your company?
We like to feel that the way we live our lives fits with our own personal values. If the work you do clashes with those values, you’re unlikely to feel very good about yourself. Working for an ethical company or just one whose values chime with your own can make your work life much easier. You won’t feel conflicted, you’re more likely to feel motivated and you can feel satisfied that you’re working towards both company and personal objectives.

Are you still at the same salary despite your duties increasing?
Sometimes, under poor management, an employee is taken for granted. Their consistent hard work ceases to be rewarded. If your workload has increased but your salary hasn’t, your boss has some explaining to do. Are they going to hire someone new to lighten your load? Or are they going to give your pay packet a boost? If the answer to both of these questions is no, you can use your extensive track record of duties to prove your skills to a more appreciative employer.
Moving jobs is a scary but also an exciting prospect. If you’re really unhappy or disengaged at your current place of work, there’s really nothing to lose by seeing what’s out there. And, you never know, at your new job you may be able to answer a definite and very happy “No!” to each and every one of the questions above.  

Michelle Arios is an Assistant Manager at BizDb.co.nz, with over 4 years of experience HR, customer relations and selling. Whenever not working, she enjoys sharing her tips and strategies with other experts online. Privately, a huge fan of virtual reality. 

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