5 Reasons You Did Not Get the Job

5 Reasons You Did Not Get the Job

You’ve submitted countless resumes, received calls from employers for interviews, and even reached the final round.

But for some reason, months have already passed, and still, you are jobless.  Now, you’re confused. Is it because of your resume? Or perhaps your professional background?

Thing is, there are a plethora of reasons why you did not land the job, and it isn't all about you.

Said something wrong during the interview.

Time and again we’re told by those who have made the mistake: Never badmouth employers and work colleagues.

Even when everyone in the company can attest that that person is indeed despicable, opening it up during the interview can jeopardize your application.

Employers are never interested in your former boss or officemates. They want to know more about you, and showing your tendency to talk behind others  wouldn’t make a positive first impression.

You’re not their type.
You need not send or bring gifts to the hiring manager for them to be pleased. It’s all in your attitude whether employers will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on your application.

This does not need to be too hard. Just be yourself. Stress on your best side.

Even when they are impressed with your educational background and work expertise, you still might not reach the final round if they do not like you.

Yes, at some point, this seems unfair. But that’s how it works. They get to decide who gets in, and you need to work hard to earn their approval.

At least smile at them even when they always give you that piercing stare.

Nepotism prevailed.
Expect the hiring manager to not disclose this. You will after all discover in time if you happen to know someone from the company.

You probably lost the slot over someone they favor more - a colleague’s relative or friend, and take that, even with your stellar resume and achievements.

You could have done nothing to change the results. Most likely, they have made up their mind even before calling out applicants for an interview. Let’s just say that the interviews were staged for formality’s sake.

This happens!

You do not look job-ready.
We’re speaking about something beyond significant traits such as spontaneity and confidence. But it is something that would make the hiring team appear crude when expressed verbally.

There, you get it. It’s how you look.

Some jobs demand that you coordinate face to face with customers. And if you do not look like how the hiring officers want the company representatives to look, then you are removed from the applicant pool.

Physical features are among the first things that people see on you. And if you are not attractive enough, then you lose the game.

You were just too good.
You’re threatening them. You were the best they interviewed, even better than how they were before.

Letting you in the company means endangering their position. So they might as well not call you back and give more acceptable sounding reasons should you make a follow-up.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray of Write-my-essays.org can care less how she looks when she was still in school. She started being mindful what she wears (and how she walks) when an HR officer advised her to do so.

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