Tips For New Graduates in the Job Market

There is good news on the horizon for soon-to-be college graduates looking to join the workforce. Employers plan to hire 7.8 percent more college graduates for their US operations in 2013-2014 than the previous year, according to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers survey.

That’s welcome news for many college students who have been hearing horror stories about trying to find jobs in their chosen fields post graduation.

But even with the job prospects increasing slowly but steadily, it is more important than ever for new graduates to stand out to potential employers from the moment they submit their resumes, to the second they walk through the door for the interview, to finally accepting a job. Here are some ways to do just that.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

These days, applying for a job online is as easy as ordering a book from Amazon. What that means for employers? Sifting through a lot of resumes of individuals who may not even qualify for the position. For job seekers, it’s important to only apply for jobs that you are actually qualified for. Once you find a position that is a good fit, make sure your resume does the best to showcase your talents.

Keep it short and too the point. Format your resume so it’s easy on the eyes. Don’t use tiny font to fit in all your attributes, instead use bullet points and make it easily readable. Be sure to also state an objective right up front so the potential employer knows why they should hire you.

Leverage Your Networks

There is a reason why LinkedIn is outpacing Facebook as the most popular social network. It’s because people are using it as a serious tool for finding job candidates. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and be sure to use all of the tools available on the site from asking for recommendations, to having those who know you endorse your skills. In today’s job market it is all about who you know, and online tools are a great way to showcase those connections.

Prepare your References

Whether your experience in your new field came through an internship or a job study program, chances are you have someone who can speak highly of you to a potential employer. Be sure to prep your references to speak directly to your attributes for a particular job by giving them a heads up that an employer will be calling them. It’s a great idea to take it one step further and provide your references with a description of the job and bullet points addressing examples of why you are in fact the best candidate for the job.

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