Useful tips for fresher to succeed in walk in job interviews

The job interview is probably one of the most important moments in our professional lives. If you are a fresher and are looking for jobs, then this stage of facing an interview with the biggies of your prospective employers might be frightening for you. These days, the companies keep on posting advertisements for the walk in interview for various positions, which typically hire the inexperienced young blood. It is a good idea to attend those walk in interview jobs as you will be able to gain more and more exposure about the companies and will learn how to face the interviews.

What is a walk-in interview?
A walk-in interview is usually all about screening the right candidates without an appointment. You may come across information about such walk in interviews at the career fairs or newsletters. Such interviews are shorter and the recruiters usually ask lesser number of questions than a regular formal interview. The recruiters sort out the candidates based on the requirements of the job profile and offer them the job at the end. Such interviews are used to cut short the pool of applicants. Those who get lucky to crack the interview are called for formal interview later, usually!
The fresher candidates should take out some time explore themselves and prove that they are the ideal candidate for a position, the most essential thing to a successful interview preparation.

Before the interview

Study the company: Grab a notebook or a word document where you can take notes. With an overall initial Google search, you will find you thousands of links. No need to read all the articles, but it would be important to open a few links, especially when it comes to major publications such as BusinessWeek, Fortune, Inc., Fast Company, or any other.
Once you have an idea about the company in general, you can head to Google News to see which articles were published that are related to the company. How will it help you that information? You can use it to make a general analysis of the situation of the company. Especially negative news might help you understand a little better the challenges.
Remember that while approaching for a walk in interview, you will have to face a stiff competition from other applicants like your, hence to give yourself and edge over others, you must do your homework properly and leave no scope for confusion about the company.

Corporate website: Typically, the businesses have their devoted websites, which entail their accomplishments and also include the latest data about the company’s performance. Surely, in the press releases section, the company will focus on all the positive things that have happened in recent months. This information will also help in the conversation during the interview. You can mention the interviewer that you are aware of expansion plans they have or what is culture within the institution. These things will certainly impress the interviewer without any doubt!
On LinkedIn, you can also find information about the company by performing a quick search. Even if you could find any of your contacts have any relationship with the company, you can certainly seek the information, which can be useful for your interview. Once you have completed your search, you can prepare a report for your own use on everything you've learned and recorded, and this include strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT).

Review your resume: Prior to the interview, you need to review your resume. Prepare questions in the area of your expertise, education, or relevant courses you took during your college years.

Check your letter - For the same reasons that you review your resume, you might check your letter to see the emphasis you gave in it.  
Usually the job seekers appearing for walk in interviews usually do not take the process seriously and often destroy their candidature without even being aware of it. Avoid such mistakes and keep this in mind that the employers’ first impressions are decisive. If you come unprepared, you will be in trouble. Once eliminated, it will be harder for you to get back into good books of the recruiters and employees.

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