Great online money-making opportunities for writers

The writers of today are fortunate to have been blessed with so much options to market their work.  No longer limited to traditional media, the Internet has allowed writers a wider net of medium for them to use to promote their services.  Just scan the various websites on the web and you'll find loads of job opportunities.  An added benefit for online-based writing jobs is that you can do them wherever there is a good Internet connection, so you can simply take your work with you and earn while you travel.  This is also a good way for home-based parents to earn money.  

Here are some avenues that you might want to explore if you want to try out your luck in writing for the web:

1. Online Marketing/SEO
Ever wondered how sites get to the top of  Google?  That's through the hard work done by online and SEO copywriters. Do you have a knack for words that sell?  Know your way around the Internet?  Online businesses would want to get you!  Your work will help your clients' companies prosper by increasing their visibility on the web.   It's fairly easy to learn the techniques needed to succeed in this field.  How-to books and online guides can help you get started.

2. Custom Academic Writing
If you loved doing your essays and research  papers in school then this is the right field for you. Many online businesses now offer high-quality custom academic writing services to students who may be struggling in class.  Flexibility, good research skills and having a wide range of knowledge are highly skills here.  You may find yourself doing anything from simple book reports to dissertation papers for PHD students. Rates may depend on the type of paper, length and the speed of which it was requested.

3. Article Submission Sites
Another avenue that writers may look into are article submission sites.  Different sites each have their own guidelines when it comes to accepting submissions so it is important for writers looking into these platforms to abide by them.  The common thread between them is the type of writing they are looking for which is informative, educational and accessible to the public (written in a conversational, easy-to-digest tone).

4. Monetizing your blog
Believe it or not, but yes you can earn money just by blogging!   The secret here is to come up with unique and interesting content that'll put in the readers (translation: customers, earnings) to your site.  Sign up for ad services online where companies would want to place their advertisements on your site.  Offerings may vary but even a simple click to these ads can add cash to your bank account!

With these options available for writers online, it's so much easier now to earn a little bit of extra cash.  Just be creative and be on the look out for opportunities on the web.

About the Author:  Sherry Franklin is an Academic and Career Consultant for several top dissertation service sites online. She’s currently taking up her Masters in English Literature and volunteers for an animal shelter in her spare time.  You may follow her on Twitter to read about her thoughts on love and life.

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