How to Get a Job in the Construction Industry

The construction industry can be a very lucrative business for those involved. Only certain people have a desire to do the strenuous work and the industry will always be in existence because people always need things to be built. But there is more to construction than just manual labor so do not be discouraged if you aren’t sure how to break into this business. Here a few suggestions that should help you with your endeavor.

1) Volunteer
        Volunteering for institutions that build low incoming houses or help to rebuild communities after natural disasters can be a great way to learn the basic skill sets that construction employers look for in an applicant. While doing these volunteer jobs, ask for recommendation letters and references so that you can apply them to your resume.

2) Shadowing
        When you are trying to decide what business field you want to go into whether it is medical, teaching or corporate, you usually shadow someone in that field. That simply means following them around and learning the true nitty-gritty of what their job requires of them daily. Shadowing can be beneficial if you are unsure of what part of an industry you want to become involved.

3) Internships
        If you are studying engineering and want to learn how to break into the construction industry, then try applying for an internship with a company. Usually this means starting on the ground floor of a company, doing the grunt work, the coffee-getting, etc. Internships are usually unpaid positions for a short period of time, no more than a year, but the experience can invaluable and there is always the opportunity for networking.

4) Equipment   
        There is more to the construction industry than just hammers and hard hats. The tools that these professionals use to construct are important instruments. Tools and material research is always seeking improvement, especially in the safety sphere. If you are interested in creating more efficient and safer tools like a hose protector for the individuals in this field to use, then obtaining your schooling and you’ll be sure to find a job.

5) Resume Building
        If you have no experience with construction but think you could be useful to a company, format your resume in that vein. Highlight your skill sets and past jobs that can be manipulated into sounding like experience. Be highly motivated and professional. Have great references available to show to this possible employer that you are a good employee and that your past bosses have enjoyed having you as a part of their team.

This article was written by M.G. Bachemin in association with Brahman Systems, a Louisiana company specializing in construction equipment.

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