7 Best Apps That Will Help You Get A Job

Finding a job is harder than ever because of the competitive market, lay-offs, mass redundancies and job cuts. Being more competitive in finding a good job is a must for us to survive. Thanks to technology! We can take advantage of it in finding a job in an easier way.

Here are seven best apps that we can use in having a job. From building our professional and outstanding resume, to searching for a job vacancy and preparing for an interview. These apps will help us out stand others and get ahead of the crowd in getting a career that we want.


1. Pocket CV -Before heading off to your prospect companies, you have to make sure that you have your best resume with you. Creating a resume may be hard and tricky, but with the help of Pocket CV, you will be able to sell your talent to your future employer in effective way. This app offers an easy-to-follow layout that you can use in building your resume in easier way. And because your prospective employer can easily read all the information they needed to know about you because of the layout, it will avoid them from thinking that you just wanted to impress them.

2. Resume Designer -We are all busy in life. And we all wanted to make it easier and to cut the time that we are spending in creating a good resume. If you are a person who is always in a hurry, this app is best for you! Resume designer is a basic tool that let's you create your resume easily by providing details into the default sections of the template. You can always check if you are doing it correctly because it allows you to look at the preview anytime you want. This is a good feature because it will show you exactly what you are doing and can quickly change or add things if necessary. If you don't want the default section and you think that it won't suit your resume, you can also create your custom section.

3. Resum8 -It is so hard to put every credentials and achievements on your resume because you are afraid of the impression of your future employer. You will worry if they will think that you are just bragging. You don't have to worry no more because Resum8 will help you put those into text without sounding too boastful or pretentious. This app will help you create your resume  in summing up ways to describe your strengths with just five easy steps. It will help you look humble in a positive way.


4. Monster Jobs for iPad -Looking for a job vacancy is not easy. You will be thinking of what to do and where to start. Good thing that Monster Jobs, one of the largest and most popular job search website has already an app. This app gives job-seekers an opportunity to search for an available job just by using keywords and location. It has lot of job listing for you! Plus they also offer number of filters so you can narrow down your search if you are looking for a specific position. If you want to apply directly to a job using this app, you can simply register for an account, access your resume and cover letter and send to the company on the list.

5. JobCenterPlus -Allowing every job hunter to look for job vacancies available at every Job Center nationwide is what this application offers. It gives people a huge number of positions to choose from. Using this app will let you look for a job in three ways, first is through keyword. You are allowed to search for vacancy by defining a term. Second is to look for the place of your choice or the location that suits you. And last way is through category or job title. You can get lots of results when you are searching in general. This app will help you in lessen stress in job hunting because it also allows looking for your preferred job or porition.


6. Interview Questions Pro -Your job hunting won't stop in doing a resume and looking for a job vacancy. Of course, you have to pass and excel in exams too. And after passing the company exam, now is the time for you to prepare for the interview. This is the most scary part in looking for a job. You have to face your future boss. That is why when you are going for an interview, make sure that you are always prepared.

Preparing for your interview means enhancing your skills in answering questions confidently and correctly. You have to practice answering possible questions that are common in interview. This app offers queations based on categories. You can choose from critical thinking, behavioral aspects, about yourself and work history. Interview Questions Pro will provide answers that will point you in general direction.

7. Interview Skills -This app offers useful advice and videos about business awareness, motivation, competency and role for those job seekers who are preparing for their interviews. This app is from Barclays Capital. It is different from other applications because in Interview Skills, you will become the interviewer. You will experience questioning people and will decide whether they gave an appropriate answer or not. This will help you improve your skills because you will be able to distinguish what answers are wrong and what are correct.

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