7 Ways To Impress Your Boss

Most people want to impress their boss in order to increase their chances of a promotion, secure a pay rise and make their working life more enjoyable, but what are the best ways to achieve this goal and how can you make sure that you succeed at work?
Here are 7 ways to impress your boss:
1.      Put in the hours
Time is a very precious commodity and devoting time to your work demonstrates commitment to your job, as well as to individual deadlines or pieces of work. If you’ve got a deadline coming up or somebody is off ill it may be worthwhile putting in some extra hours to help out and show that you are a valuable team member. You don’t need to slave away 24 hours a day but the odd extra hour from time to time will probably make a significant difference to your boss’s impressions of you.
2.      Be enthusiastic and motivated
Showing enthusiasm and motivation are really important at work, especially if you’re on a mission to impress your boss. Be positive about the projects you are working on and be energetic in meetings; your enthusiasm is likely to rub off on others, which can only be a positive thing.
3.      Meet your deadlines
If you have a deadline, the best way to impress your boss is to meet it and not with seconds to spare having spent all night cramming the night before. Try to work slightly ahead of schedule to allow yourself a bit of extra time if you fall behind for any reason and make sure you are pleased with what you present; if you’re unhappy with it, it’s better to ask for another day, for example, to perfect it, rather than hading in something, which is sub-standard.
4.      Take pride in your appearance
The way you present yourself says a lot about you, so make sure you take pride in the way you look, dress smartly and ensure you are well turned out at work. In many industries, first impressions are key, so it’s really important that you look presentable and professional for face to face pitches, interviews and business meetings. A straighter smile can be achieved through discreet Invisalign braces.
5.      Be punctual
Punctuality is so important for the majority of jobs and lateness can be a real problem for many bosses, as it may suggest that you are disorganised, unreliable and not fully committed to your job. If you are n time, this shows that you have good time management skills and you can be relied on.
6.      Be ambitious
Ambition is good to see in employees because it drives people forward and encourages them to push for more in the future and realise career dreams. If you’re an employer, having an ambitious employee may not be the easiest because they can be demanding, but it’s preferable to having somebody who has no motivation because you know that they will make the effort and put in the work to succeed. Ambition in one person can also foster ambition in others, which is really good especially in situations where employees are working together as a team.
7.      Aim for improvement
It can be easy to get into a mould at work, especially if you have a similar routine day to day, but it’s important to keep striving for more and aim for continued improvement. If you are hungry to succeed, you’re likely to try harder and fight for promotions and opportunities and your commitment is likely to be rewarded by your boss. Make goals on a regular basis and try your best to achieve them; be realistic, but aim high. If you don’t quite reach them, it’s not the end of the world and you can enjoy peace of mind that at least you tried.

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