Give Your Teen the Best Foundation with an Australian Education

Why Study in Australia?
If you are seeking the best international learning destination for your teenager, then look no further than Australia. Although it is a large country with a low population density, it is the third most attractive destination for international students after the USA and the UK. Australia has a well-developed education system and boasts some of the leading learning institutions in the world.
 In addition, the citizens of the country are warm and welcoming. This is the main reason international students are able to easily adapt to the learning environment in Australia. Once you make a decision to send your teen to the country, you will need to start the process of applying for an Australian Visa. The student will be allowed to enter the country and study on a student visa.
 Applying for a Student Visa
For one to qualify for a student visa, there are some requirements one has to meet. They include:
1. English Proficiency Test - Any student that plans to study in Australia has to meet the minimum English proficiency test because it is the language of instruction in the country. However, the test depends on the level of study the student plans to undertake. A high school English test is different from a university test.
2. Financial Requirements - To ensure that the student is able to study without interruption, the guardian or sponsor of the student must undertake to cater for tuition, travel and living costs. Proof of financial ability is required and the funds should be held in an account where they can be accessed.
3. Character Requirements - Students that travel to study in Australia will be taken through a character test and they should not have any prior criminal activity. One may also be required to get a police statement to confirm that they are of sound character.
4. Health Requirements - If a student intends to study in certain courses such as medicine they may be asked to go for a full medical examination. All other students are required to obtain an overseas student health cover.
5. Genuine Student Requirements - To be deemed a genuine student, one has to show that they intend to study and gain useful knowledge based on the type of study they plan to undertake in Australia. The age of the student and the level of foundation schooling also determine whether the student is genuine or not. 

Application Process
Once the student meets the above requirements, they can go ahead and apply for an Australian Visa. However it is important for the applicant to ensure that they are applying for the right visa for their circumstances. One also has to present a confirmation of enrolment letter. This is the letter that confirms that the student has been accepted in an Australian school.
Students are also required to submit their assessment level that is based on the immigration risk for their country of birth. Some countries have a higher immigration risk and it may complicate the Australian Visa application process for the student.
 Once the student has taken care of all the requirements they can submit their application forms accompanied by all the relevant documents. If their application is successful, they are granted a visa that gives them an opportunity to study in Australia. For a parent who plans to improve educational opportunities for their child, an Australian education is a very good choice.

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