Exploring A Variety Of Careers With An Engineering Background

A Degree in Engineering is an extremely versatile area of study. There are some many careers that are available just from having an engineering degree. Since the job market is very scarce at this time, having this type of degree can make an individual extremely marketable.

Skills Acquired In This Area Of Study

Studies in this field allows an individual to gain so many skills that are needed in almost any type of workforce. Some of the skills include: problem solving, communications, project management, research, statistics, and organizational skills. Now here are some very interesting careers in engineering.

Urban Planner

When government officials or local members of the community want to make their city or community become more efficient, they call an Urban Planner. Urban planners have to understand the project goals. The urban planner gathers information about population growth, and society's overall concerns about particular situations. This career does require a post bachelor’s degree. If currently working a day time job, obtaining an
online Master’s Degree in civil engineering would be an advisable option.

Petroleum Engineering

This career pays well. According The
Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a petroleum engineer was $130,280 per year in 2012. Petroleum Engineers are very creative in their oil extracting designs. These engineers work in laboratories and at drilling sites. A Bachelor's Degree in engineering is required to work in this field.

Aerospace Engineers

These engineers are responsible for the designs of airplanes, space shuttles, and weapons. Testing these products are also a part of their daily job to ensure the designs function properly. Employment for these engineers may be at companies that research, design, manufacture, and or the Federal Government. A Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace or another engineering science is needed.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineers develop better ways that nuclear energy can be used. These engineers may work in the healthcare industry because some medical equipment requires radiation for the care of patients. Nuclear power plants may be supervised by Nuclear Engineers to ensure the safe operation on a daily basis. A bachelor's degree is required for most positions, but managers must have a master's degree.

Chemical Engineers

The processing strategy and design of equipment used to produce items needed on a daily basics are completed by Chemical Engineers. A chemical engineer's project may include: how food, medicine, energy, plastics or paper are processed. These engineers must be great at math, science, and mechanics. Chemical Engineers must have a bachelor's degree. Management positions do require a master's degree.

So, for any individual that may be in search of job security, a degree in engineering may be the way to go.

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