3 Practical Interview Tips for Introverts

Thinking of applying for a job but scared of interviews? The very thought of going for an interview gives you nightmares? Don’t lose hope, there are many introverts out there like you who feel pressured and never like going for an interview, but no matter how much you hate them, you certainly cannot avoid them.
However, most introverts don’t realize the fact that they possess many qualities which are even admired by the employers and they surely cannot be ignored. Some of which are:
·         The ability to work independently
·         Thinking carefully before acting
·         Highly self-motivated
·         Innovativeness
·         Strategic planning
·         Capability to remain calm under pressure
·         Mental power to take risk in key management decisions.

If you have an introverted personality and want to overcome the difficulties during the interview process, here are a few basic tips to help you get rid of this mental blockage.

1)    Practice Interviewing:

One of the most basic tips is to practice interviewing yourself.  Stand in front of a mirror, look in to your eyes and start talking as if you are sitting in front of the hiring manager during an interview. Study the interview questions related to your position and practice answering them, and keep looking in the mirror. Yes, in the beginning it will look very weird, but trust me, this is one of the most widely used techniques if you want to overcome your shyness during job interview.

You can even film yourself while you practice interviewing. You can ask your best friend to play the role of a hiring manager and give him a paper stating all the interview questions. Answer the questions asked by your friend and record this entire conversation using a video camera. After you are done, playback the video and analyze your behavior to see if you felt any pressure or had any nervousness during this entire process.

The more practice you have, the more prepared and less pressured you will feel and the less symptoms of your introverted personality will appear during the actual interview.

2)    Check Your Appearance:

The saying “First impression is the last impression” perfectly suits here. The first thing the interviewer looks for is how good is your body language and how well you are dressed.This can be a cause of concern for introverts.  You really don’t want to give any chance to the interviewer to not like you.

While practicing for interview, pay attention to your body language, how you stand and sit, how you smile, whether you are able to make eye contact with the interviewer, all these things should be taken into account and worked upon.

According to me, looking great and tidy is already half the battle won when you are going for an interview. It will also make you feel relaxed and confident during the interview. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and suitable for the situation.

3)    Be Mentally Prepared

It is very important for introverts especially to be mentally prepared before the interview. Try to learn everything about the company and their background through their official website. Acquiring knowledge of the position you are applying for will help you feel confident during the interview and you will be able to discuss future goals easily and speak more freely.

Be brave enough to tell them how your association and experience would ultimately benefit the company. Practicing these things will help you feel more relaxed while answering questions and it will reflect on your persona that you actually spent time trying to understand the organization.


Having an introverted personality does not mean that you are unfriendly and you cannot perform at the highest position. Practicing these simple tips and techniques can definitely help you overcome your fear of going for an interview and acquire a good position in the company.

About Author: Marcellina Helen, or Marce, is a creative writer and editor at Essay Mall , a essay writing service. She has a keen interest in exploring education and college topics that talk about college life and its memorable moments.

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