Top 5 reasons which make UK the topmost choice to pursue your dream career.

Many international students flock to the United Kingdom every year to gain world class education at college and post graduation levels. United Kingdom is home to top ranking colleges in the world such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Kings college and many more; all of which have an unparallel reputation in the world across all major degrees. While many international education hubs are emerging every year to attract international students, we list top 5 reasons which make UK the topmost choice to pursue your dream career.
·         United Kingdom boasts of some of the world's best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh and LSE etc. The degrees of these universities are well recognized and rank in very high internationally. UK universities are known for a skill and interest oriented curriculum. The degrees from UK universities are respected world over by even the top corporate recruiters. Most universities operate under quality assurance from various leading academic bodies; and maintain high educational standards at all levels of education.
·         Education in UK universities is tailored to support an academic as well as skill development training. Most leading UK universities offer intensive and specialized curriculum for each subject that draws students close to the core of the subject and also adequately keeps them updated on the newer developments in their field. The courses are taught by renowned academicians and expert professors who are permanent faculties in leading UK universities along with several most renowned academic names who visit top UK universities all year round.
·         The teaching methodology in most leading UK universities focuses on instilling independent thinking skills in students. Apart from conventional classroom teaching, there are also group discussions, tutorials, informal discussion session with teachers which enables students to develop their own understanding and exchange ideas with others. This significantly develops the research and creativity attributes in students while focusing on innovative aspects.
·         UK education system is a complete value for money. Most UK degrees are of a shorter duration than their overseas counterparts which significantly brings down the tuition expenses. The undergraduate degrees are of three years while Masters Degree programs are of 1 year duration. In fact UK students get an opportunity to start earning earlier than others and thus can sooner realize the cost of their education. There are several other funding and scholarship programs across all major universities and degree courses. Also students in UK get special students discounts on various activities/services/restaurants and other shops, bringing down the cost of living.
·         UK is a vibrant place in terms of its culture and rich heritage. It is home of English language which eases the language difficulties of most international students. UK is a student and traveler friendly nation with low crime rates, friendly people and affordable costs of living and easy transport options. UK is home to people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. UK also boasts of some interesting tourism places, cultural places, and rich experiences which make it an enjoyable stay for international students without feeling any less connected to their own country. There are special art festivals in Edinburgh, Notting Hill carnival, Diwali in Leicester, various other live music, theatre and performing arts gigs everyday across UK.
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