3 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful, especially if you’re out of practice. This is the chance to show your future employer that you look good not only on paper, but that you would be an integral part to the company. Here are three simple tricks to help you feel more at ease.

1.      Dress to Impress
Everywhere you look there are articles about how to properly dress for a job interview. No matter how many fashion gurus tell you what not to wear, remember first and foremost that you know your body better than anyone. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the outfit you choose. There is always a way to incorporate your personal style into any professional look. Plan ahead to find what’s right for you.

Before the big day, do a trial run with your outfit. The goal is to make sure it remains comfortable throughout the day. Make a note if part of your ensemble doesn’t feel right, or if you’re unsure with how a particular accessory looks. If you don’t try your outfit beforehand you run the risk of fidgeting during your interview because of something as simple as an itchy tag. Remember that you are selling your image to the company. Your appearance reflects your attitude.

2.      Do Your Research
It is your responsibility to know the company inside and out. You should know what the company does, what your department is in charge of, and what is expected of you for your particular role. If the company has been in the news, you should know why. If you know who your interviewer is going to be, take some time to inform yourself about their career. Connect with them via LinkedIn if possible. It never hurts to have them already thinking about you before you walk in the door.

Make sure you write down at least five potential questions to ask at the end of the interview. The questions should go beyond, “Do you enjoy working for this company?” You could ask about opportunities for advancement, challenges that may arise, or potential directions to take your department. Try your best to be original. In a sea of applicants, you need to make yourself stand out.

3.      You Are What You Speak
If you want to land the job, both your body and your voice must exude confidence. Believe it or not, your voice reflects your employability. The best thing you can do is record a mock interview to hear how you sound. Unless you work for a voice over agency and have unlimited access to professional equipment, free software programs like Audacity and apps like AudioMemos and iTalk will do the job. iTalk is one of the more popular apps out there for recording memos, lectures, and meetings. It’s incredibly easy to use: simply press the big red button in the middle of your smartphone’s screen and begin to speak. Have a friend ask you potential interview questions and record your responses.

The next step is to play back the interview. As you listen, pay close attention to several things. First, consider the tone of your voice. You want to make sure you sound confident and sure of yourself. Next, check if you’re adding any problematic fillers, like “uh,” “um,” and “like”.  Using them once or twice is okay, but they shouldn’t leave a greater impression than your answers. Once you recognize these tiny details you can work on smoothing them out before the big day.

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