Top Tips for the best Resume

Your resume is your first impression, and if you do not know the value of first impressions then get several piercings on your face and a tattoo on your neck. You will never get a job outside of bar work, but you will recognize the value of first impressions. Since your résumé is your first port of rejection, you should lower your chances of rejection with a stunningly fantastic resume, and that is what this article shows you how to do.

Write bullet point lists of every qualification you have

Its sounds lack luster, but it is the starting point of your resume. It is the foundation upon which your top quality resume is built. You can use this bullet point list later on in your interview too. Do not forget that when you have your interview your employer will have already forgotten most of your resume, so it doesn’t hurt to remind them verbally of your qualifications.

Write bullet point lists of every scrap of experience you have

This is another list and its means write down every last bit of experience you have. If you used to have a dog then you have experience with animals. If you helped your granddad shovel top soil then you have agricultural and landscaping experience. Do not sell yourself short. Just because you have never worked for a cleaning agency does not mean you don’t know how to wash the pots. You have probably done a lot of things that have given you experience so note them all down.

Use your lists to structure your resume

Grab a standard resume template. Pick one that is not too fancy and that has no italics and such. You are going to expand it on your computer, but pick one online because it is easier and faster than designing your own. Use what you have on your lists to start filling in the qualifications and experience sections. You can also fill out a lot of the “About me” section because your experience may also be part of your hobbies, interests, etc. Plus, your introduction on your resume could feature your most prominent experiences, your best and most relevant qualifications and the reasons why you are perfect for the job.

Sticking to one page is for minimum wage jobs

This is a very good point, and if you are going for a job that you want to be your career, then forget this whole one page resume thing. That is for people that do not want the job. They say have a one page resume with minimum wage jobs because there is little they need to know other than if you can write your own name without drooling on the page.

Add a photo of yourself if you are good looking

Good looking people get jobs. It is a cold hard fact, and you can sit around and complain about it or you can use it to your advantage. If you are good looking then you will be more likely to get the interview if you attach a picture of yourself to the resume.

Keep your points concise

When you make points about yourself, you need to keep them concise and to the point. Do not bore the reader and do not make the reader have to do more reading than is necessary.

Over write and then cut down the wordage later

You should have a lot to write about yourself, and if you do not, then you are not trying hard enough. You should have pages you can say about yourself. You should write pages and pages and then go through it all and cut it down until it is concise and direct. Cut down the wordage and remove the bits that are a little rough until you are left with pure gold.

Three positive points in one sentence is very effective

This is a cute trick, such as, “I am punctual, honest and very confident.” Or, you can try, “I am a very quick learner, I can get along with anyone, and have never missed a day of work.” You can also write things such as, “I never miss work because I love my job, the work is challenging and this is the career I have always wanted.” The last one still has three points in succession but they were stretched out a little.

Stick to simple fonts that are easy to read

Do not be a fool and write your font in italics or a fancy handwritten font. You need to keep it very simple and easy to read. You do not need to go as far as making it a typewriter style of font, but a simple Arial or Times New Roman is fine. Also, remember that trial and error is your only fool proof way of creating the perfect resume, so keep trying and keep and never give up.

Amy Cowen is a professional proofreader and editor at When she faced the problem of creating a team of experienced writers she gained a lot of knowledge on hiring and resume writing. Today Amy is happy to share a few ideas with you.

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