Extreme Résumé Makeover: Everything You Need to Know To Market Yourself

Your résumé is not only a chance to allow a potential employer to see your skills; it is an opportunity to market yourself directly to someone who can help you achieve your goals. One of the most critical aspects of presenting yourself to an employer is to understand exactly what the employer wants. Then you can design your résumé in a manner that presents your most desirable characteristics that can fill the employer’s needs.

Know Your Audience

Before you present a case for hiring you, you must understand not only what the employer is looking for, but also what the company does, their corporate philosophy and how the company markets itself. If you understand their “brand,” you can more easily find a way to dovetail the company’s needs with your own. The Internet provides a wealth of opportunities for finding information about the company’s operations, its history, its mission statement and other information that will inform you on how you can fit into the general picture.

Be Dynamic

Rather than sticking to the standard form, present what the potential employer is looking for to fill this position in a big way. Sell yourself, being enthusiastic about your accomplishments without inflating them unreasonably. Show your ability to stay within budgets, address client needs, work as a team member and develop new ideas. These are valuable skills that will set you apart from other applicants.

Highlight Your Special Skills

If you have special training that makes you a particularly valuable employee for a company, make sure that you feature that information prominently near the top of the résumé. For example, anti-phishing training from Global Learning products that helps companies to avoid phishing efforts by malicious third parties has become a highly desirable skill that every company can utilize. Ensure that the employer knows that you have this training available for their needs.

Use Testimonials or Letters of Reference

Nothing sells your image better than the words of those who know your abilities, work habits and personality. Don’t be afraid to ask others to recommend you. This is one of the prime ways that employers make their decisions. If someone else liked your work and the time working with you, employers are more likely to feel comfortable taking you into their company culture.

Know the Limits of Résumés

Inherently, résumés have limits. Employers will probably receive dozens, if not hundreds of résumés. Yours must stand out with clarity and immediate appeal. Most employers don’t even read the full résumé. They will limit their reading to a few key areas. Your job is to make sure that your best assets are concise, easy to find and easy to understand. Keep your best accomplishments at the top of the résumé. Save the standard information like education and special training for the end. Make it easy for the employer to get a sense of the qualities you can bring to the job.

If you follow these suggestions, your résumé will gain the notice of employers and will help to pave the way for a positive interview experience.

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