Five Degrees That Every Entrepreneur Should Consider For Success

For many entrepreneurs making their initial steps into the world of business, finding the right education and tools to succeed are a major boost in life. Completion of a degree related to business will not only provide entrepreneurs with the kind of mentoring they'll need through the good and bad times of running their own company, but it will also give them important skills they'll use in every situation they encounter. Here are just a few degrees that entrepreneurs should consider when planning out their future.

1. Master of Business Administration

When entrepreneurs are not interested in the technical aspects of running a business, a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) can provide the kind of case-by-case analysis that will have them learning from the great business leaders of the past. This is the most common degree that business owners will have or strive for, and for good reason. Natural leaders and entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from the right education.

2. BS in Accounting

For a hands-on look at the running of a business, analytical minds will surely benefit from a BS in Accounting degree. A great option for those seeking to run their future company on all fronts, an accounting education provides the kind of practical learning experience that drives individuals on to success. The BS in Accounting is truly one of the great hands-on learning experiences of contemporary business, and it's also flexible. Graduates will have a great education to fall back on should they seek other forms of work in their industry.

3. Master's in Organizational Leadership

Offered by top colleges like Norwich University, a Master's of Organizational Leadership approaches business from the standpoint of ethical and well-rounded business strategy. A great option for entrepreneurs looking to change their organization through excellent social skills, inspirational management, and teamwork, this master's degree will provide the kind of broad education that is increasingly necessary to succeed in the corporate landscape.

4. Juris Doctor

For entrepreneurs interested in dealing with the practical legal aspects of running their own business, the path of graduation from law school and the passing of their state bar exam is a great option. The J.D. degree is not for the faint of heart, however, and the degree is about as rigorous, and expensive, as they come. While law school is not for everyone, those with a passion for legal matters related to business should consider this option if it feels right for them.

5. Joint PhD Programs

Recently, there has been a trend for top-notch universities to offer dual degree programs such as the MBA and PhD option of study. Perfect for those wishing to conduct research in their business lives or open up the possibility of work with academic institutions, dual degrees are also extremely rigorous. However, the stress of earning these degrees is also matched by an extremely rewarding period of study and personal development.

For these reasons, seeking out a degree as an entrepreneur can be one of the biggest steps towards success in life. A highly personal choice, a decision to embark on a program of study should reflect what an individual hopes to accomplish through their work. With the right course of action, entrepreneurs can get the knowledge that they'll need to run a great company and change their society for the better.

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