The Top 7 Medical Jobs For a Long-Lasting Career

Are you looking to invest your energies in a new career? Something that won't quickly depreciate in value and enjoyment like a new car? Employment in the health care field is expected to surge by 33% from now through 2020.1. Following are the top 7 model occupations with predicted longevity for the future.


Overview - You can be an angel of mercy as an RN, providing skilled care in a variety of health care settings. You can obtain a job in a school, hospital, community health center, nursing home, and private practice. You may also find your niche at sporting events, tourist destinations, and camps.

Responsibilities - Takes health histories, performs physical exams, and coordinates care with other professionals. Provides wound care, counseling, education, and medication.

Median Salary - $49,000 to $81,500, depending on education and experience.


Overview – Ever wonder how to become a dental hygienist? As the boss of floss, you'll maintain the pearly whites of your patients. You'll have a wide range of employment settings to choose from, including private practices, marketing companies, schools, nursing homes, and military bases. With advanced education and experience, you can teach, perform research, and work at a government agency.

Responsibilities - Performs dental cleanings, screens for oral cancer, takes and reads x-rays, applies decay-preventing materials, and provides counseling on home care and nutrition.

Median Salary - $70,210.


Overview - Dieticians know the power of the plate in promoting health. They prevent and treat illness through providing balanced meals, teaching healthy eating, and suggesting dietary modifications.

Responsibilities - Vary according to type of practice. Four categories of dietician include: clinical, community, management, and consultant. Generally, dieticians create food plans, design nutrition programs, and administer food service systems. They work in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Some of the more unique work settings include: fitness centers, corporate wellness programs, sports teams, and supermarkets. A dietician may also have a private practice.

Median Salary - $55,240.


Overview - Pharmacy technicians protect their employers from burn-out. They assist in dispensing medications and health care items. They work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, drug stores, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Responsibilities - Enters patient and prescription data into computerized systems, submits insurance claims, and verifies Rx dosage and drug information. Assists the pharmacist in counting tablets, measuring and mixing medications, and labeling bottles.

Median Salary - $34,430.


Overview - Physical therapists are rehabilitation specialists. They develop and administer treatment plans to relieve pain, facilitate movement, restore function, and prevent re-injury. PTs are found in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, outpatient clinics, sports clinics, and home care.

Responsibilities - Administers electrotherapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound, hot packs, and massage. Performs functional training in walking and stairs. Designs home exercise and sports conditioning programs.

Median Salary - $85,000.


Overview - Biomedical engineers solve medical puzzles. They design and maintain biomedical devices, equipment, and procedures. Examples of BE achievements are prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, pacemakers, and laser eye treatments. Biomedical engineers are found in company research departments, universities, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

Responsibilities - Analyzes problems and designs solutions to health care issues, with the goal of improving patient care. Performs research and consults with medical specialists.

Median Salary - $81,540.


Overview - A physician assistant is a doctor's right arm. Under a doctor's supervision, a PA performs diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive services.

Responsibilities - Reads x-rays, splints fractured bones, fits casts, and manages minor injuries. May specialize in geriatric, orthopedic, or emergency care.

Median Salary - $90,930.


So that's the line-up of the top seven medical jobs that will be in greatest demand for the long term. One secret to success is to choose a career that complements your strengths. With dedicated effort, you can acquire a job that provides personal satisfaction and financial security for many years to come.

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