How to sail through your 2 years MBA course

After finishing your graduation, you must now be preparing to get enrolled in an MBA course. MBA seems to have become the need of the hour. If you dream of getting into top MNCs’ do MBA, if you want to start a business of your own, flaunt an MBA degree on the wall. Irrespective of what you want to do in your future, MBA seems to be the only option of students who have studied commerce or humanities or even engineering in their graduation. In this article, you will find tips on what you should do to make your 2 years at MBA in a country like India which believes in giving only 2 years to finish the regular course, easy and effective.

The job scenario in developing countries such as India, Pakistan is always on a roller coaster ride, making the importance of a valuable management degree in a place like India where unemployment rate is increasing, is a prerequisite of getting a good job. However for this, a constant determination throughout the 2 years of the MBA course is very crucial and difficult.

Getting into a good MBA College in India where there is an MBA college in every nook and corner of every city is itself a battle, and if you manage to get into one then class timings, herculean assignments, frequent exams, job preparation etc. all start happening at once. It becomes of utmost importance to manage everything at once, everyday. However, as somebody who wants to make it big in life with the help of an MBA degree needs to be at their best throughout the course period.

Masters of Business Administration

An ordinary MBA course is of 2 years, where first year is a common one and in the second year the student needs to decide their specialization and thus their future.
The 2 years of an ordinary MBA course in India consists of 9:30 am to 6:30 pm session, with 4 to 5 classes everyday having a new assignment in every class. Unlike in USA or UK where one can graduate in anytime from 1 to 8 years

Routine of an ordinary MBA student

After waking up and getting fresh and late for the classes, majority of the MBA students reach the classes where they take down notes like a mad man. Every class is followed by a 15 minutes break which is consumed in drinking coffee or taking print outs of assignment. This goes on till 6:30 p.m. Once the classes are over for the day, almost all MBA students go to their respective rooms and relax till 8 – 9 p.m. ( in Indian time) and then sit up till late to finish the assignments or revise what was taught in the class.

The routine changes dramatically during exams.

Thus, the chances of having a life when you enroll in an MBA course diminish pretty early. However, it’s not necessary that you need to rush throughout your MBA too. Here are 5 common tips to make you sail through your 2 year management course in India or its 1 to 8 years counterpart in the US or UK easily with plenty of time to prepare for job in hand:

Tips to make MBA easier

1.      Planner is your best friend.
Be prepared for herculean amount of assignments that you will be getting almost every day. In order to save yourself from losing points over late submission of work, make notes of subject, title, and description, submission date of every assignment in your planner.

2.      Make notes
No matter what happens, keep notes of every class ready with you. If you are on leave, ask someone to make them for you or copy them. In case you are not comfortable with using separate notebooks for every subject or a 5 in one notebook doesn’t seem your type, use different colored pens for every subject. It will make it easy to differentiate subjects during exams.

3.      Participate in class
Try to answer questions or ask sensible questions at least once in every class. Nobody will tell you this, but there is a percent of grades kept aside for those who participate in class. Also, the population who enrolls in a degree of management in India is still pretty high with 9379 MBA students from Gujarat itself in the year 2014. Thus even with a slight downfall you can expect your class to be full too. The need to participate becomes even more important in big classes.

4.      Don’t wake till late
It’s understandable that assignments, exams etc. keeps you awake at night. But, try to not make this a habit because there is a good chance that the performance might get affected both in assignments and during exams. However, revise every notes discussed in class to stop it from piling on during exams.

5.      Have good inter personal relation with everyone
Maintain good terms with everybody in your class, as regular MBA program is known to give out multiple group assignments, which will need working with people whom you don’t know so well but are important to make it success. There are a few points for group work too in every assignment.

These tips are pretty easy to follow once you get into the habit. They will only make your life a little easier in the crucial time; giving you time to spend with family and other loved ones. The ultimate secret of sailing through MBA is strict schedule and hard work. So, Do that and you’ll be good!

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