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A company’s capital is divided into two broad categories – Human Capital and Product or Service capital. One is when the company spends money in terms of salaries and benefits for hiring and retaining employees and the other one is when the company spends money on the product or services they provide.
To get the best you need to give the best – thus is the motto of any working professional. While the need to be in a constant growth – It is the employee that plays one of the most important parts in the company; hence a group of professionals are hired, whose main endeavor is to keep the companies policies and their resources up to the mark.
Who is an HR?
Human Resource Management is a broad category that contains everything that deals with managing the company’s human capital. The professional team that overlooks the organization’s human capital or human resources is termed as the human resource department. The people who are part of this team are termed as HR. An HR’s main endeavor is to maximize employee’s performance to achieve the goals that the company has set.
Why does a company need an HR?
From a corporate point of view, employees are viewed as assets to the organization and their value grows over time. A good organization engages in a wide range of HR management tactics so that the organization can capitalize on these assets.
Qualities of an HR
1.       Skilled Influencer: An HR should have the capability to influence their prospective employees and also retain their current employees. One has to agree to the fact that there are plethora of job opportunities out there and in today’s day and age if employees are not satisfied with their working environment – they don’t think twice before quitting. So when you know the possibility of an inhospitable environment, the HR needs to have the power to influence and make sure that the environment is healthy and the employees are happy.

2.       Credible: Your word should be written in ink. You cannot say anything that has no stand. Especially when you are hiring employees. Your word has to be credible and should be valued by all.

3.       Open to Challenges: You should be a keen observer in the office. Understand what is going around and where things might get dicey. You cannot be authoritative, but still somehow manage to balance out the situation.

4.       Innovator: As an HR you have to find out new ways to incorporate team building and employee engaging activities.

Roles of an HR in a Company
1.       One of the main objects of an HR is the process of hiring and terminating. Finding new talents, making sure that the present employees are working up to their mark etc.
2.       Each company has their own set of employee codes and policies. The HR’s duty is to see that it is being followed through.
3.       Most countries have their own set of labor laws that every organization has to follow. Following Government Laws and labor Relations and incorporating them into the companies organizational structure is an HR’s duty.
4.       Stating employee’s payrolls and benefits are also part of job description of an HR.
5.       Keeping a hospitable environment so that the current employees retain their jobs and work as efficiently as before – is an unsaid duty of an HR.
6.       Apart from the main KRA’s of an HR, they also need to do team building activities, so that no matter how many teams are there in a company – once in a while they get to mix and mingle so that team bonding grows.
7.       At the end of each financial year appraisals and performance based appreciation awards are awarded. The HR creates rankings on based of which employees are rated and in turn apprised.   

Educational Qualification of an HR
Most of the reputed companies do not hire HR employees unless they at least have an MBA degree in HR. The main reason for this is, that while you are undergoing an educational qualification like a master’s in business administration the practical and the theoretical knowledge that it bestows upon you, helps you to be a competent HR.
People might assume that being an HR is all easy; all they do is hire and fire people. But it is exponentially more than that. The recruitment process is just one component in the KRA (key responsibility area’s) of their job description. The rest is all about how to retain the employee and keep them happy and content.
An HR is the person who hires you, fires you, pays you, rewards you, applies company policies etc. They are the ones that maintain the perfect balance between the employees and the managers. Like most departments, the HR team also is divided into levels – from junior level HR’s to the HR Head. Anyone who joins this team has an equal chance of climbing up the ladder to reach the top.

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