4 Freelance Jobs You Probably Don't Know About

A lot of people prefer to work as their own agent rather than for someone else. And even someone who is between jobs may take on freelance work as well. And if you don't have the specialty skills required for freelancing in a field that your friends do, there are freelance jobs you may not have heard about. Are you a freelancer? Maybe one of these jobs is for you.

Personal Historian

A personal historian is hired to create a detailed picture of someone's family history. To do this, the personal historian spends time with clients and compiles notes. To be a personal historian, you must have good interpersonal skills and communication skills, as well as an attention to detail. Personal historians typically make $50 per hour.

Truck Trader

Buying a used truck or other motor vehicle, fixing it up if applicable, and selling it to someone else for a higher price, can help you make a living. Using a site like AccessTrucks can help you locate new and used trucks for sale and at auction.

Development Coordinator

A development coordinator works with organizations that need funding, and helps with their fundraising. The development coordinator is the one who creates and implements the fundraising, development and communications strategies. A background in fundraising is needed to get started on this path properly, but this job can be done on one's own hours and from home.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

A lot of people don't know how to adequately use social media platforms to promote their businesses. Do you? Then becoming a social media marketing consultant may be the job for you. Start by practicing on friends with businesses, in order to get used to helping someone else's business get bigger through social media. Then, all you need is your own path to social media success and the ability to ask clients a lot of questions about their target market and business goals. Keeping a journal of what works and what doesn't is a good idea as well.

Plenty of jobs can be done on a freelance basis, and on your own time. The ones listed above work for people with a variety of different schedules and can even be done alongside other work. If you have tried being a freelance graphic designer or interpreter and had it not work out, never fear, for there are plenty of freelance jobs out there that are perfect for you that you have never heard about.

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