How to impress and perform above par during an interview?

The interview is a process or merely a conversation between a potential employer and an aspiring employee. It is usually made of a one-on-one conversation, but can have more than two people observing and interviewing a candidate. In today’s modern age, getting to the interview is a huge achievement. Given the unemployment rates, crunching economical times and growing population where every single job gets more than hundreds of applicants, going to the interview stage is a remarkable first step towards being employed.
To get to the interview stage means that the employer has supposedly screened your resume and found something that sets you apart from the rest and makes you a deserving candidate to spend some time with them in order to further understand if you can fit in the job role and company. However, the real test begins after you get a call for your interview, most of the people wonder about the fact that they are never the ones getting easily hired for an interview despite their qualifications and experience. This is mainly because the way they carry and go through the entire interview process. If you are looking to perform exceptionally well in your next interview, then consider the following pointers.
Have a perfect resume
Even though you are called in for an interview, it is most probably going to happen that the interviewer asks for a copy of your resume. So always have your updated resume prepared and keep a copy with you, prior to attending the interview. The basics of resume writing by now should be clear to you and no mistake should be done in that case.
Do not over-dress or wrongly dress
The first impression during your interview is all about what your appearance is like. So dressing is the key to performing well during your interview. Dress up very formally and professionally. A shirt and a pair of pants, that is not too baggy or too tight, will be perfect, along with dark colored shoes. Make sure your socks match the color of your pants.
Never be scared of failure
Candidates get extremely nervous and shaky during the interview even more because they are scared of failing it. There will be times in life when you will fail your interview, it is a learning for you. Always be comfortable with failures because until you do not accept this reality, you are bound to get nervous and mess up your interview session.
Do your homework
Do not go blank in the interview session. Work on the company, find its strengths, its weaknesses. See the competition and what they are doing to tackle the challenges currently faced. See how well will you fit into the company culture and what are your expectations. Once you do this work, prior to the interview, talk about all these points. This will make you sound mature, confident and someone who is serious about this role and company.
Do not lie, overstate or fabricate things
Employers are highly experienced individuals. Someone who is given the charge to fill up a role within the company will not be a junior or less in experience like you. So try not to fool them around by fabricating things, because they might not say it during the interview, however, they can very well judge you by your skills and their background checks.

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