Surprising Careers for an Education Graduate
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While some degrees, like communication, seem to have endless job manifestations, others like education are more straightforward. Education majors become teachers.

Or do they?

There's actually a surprisingly broad range of job and career options that someone with an education degree is well-qualified for. Maybe you're still getting your degree, just had your first classroom experience, and hated it. Or perhaps you've been teaching for years and are simply ready for a change. Whatever the case, here are four careers that you may never have expected to consider with an education degree.

1. Community Education Officer

Though this title still has "education" sandwiched in the middle, there's no classroom involved. Instead, this teaching job is focused on raising broader community awareness of an issue or foundation. Learning usually occurs in a non-traditional venue like a library, community center or church. Some nonprofits have positions titled "community outreach manager" or "relationship manager."

2. Life Coach

If you prefer to work one-on-one with others instead of in a classroom setting, consider a career as a life coach. As a sort of paraprofessional therapist, life coaches offer advice and coaching to people going through a major change in their life, often implementing a concrete behavioral plan of goals and steps to achieve goals. You'll need to become certified, but if you've worked as a teacher there's a good chance you'll meet many of the basic qualifications to become a coach.

3. Administrator

You're probably used to working with education administrators in a school. What about becoming one? Online higher education degrees can set you on track towards an administrative position in student affairs, admissions, career counseling or education administration. If you're ready to switch fields completely, consider a master's degree in social work. While the day-to-day of a social worker is very different, educating others is the core of the job.

4. Museum Guide

Working in a museum relies on transferable skills from teaching. You'll be creatively presenting information to groups and educating others. You'll be able to move around to different parts of the building, meet new people every day and maybe even assemble and dissemble exhibits.

A degree in education doesn't have to limit you exclusively to classroom teaching. You'll find that the skills and passions you have actually align well with a wide-variety of enjoyable positions.

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