Six Of The Most Exciting Careers To Consider If You Enjoy Technology

Technology enthusiasts will be glad to hear that this sector is growing at an astonishing rate with no end in sight. If you are a fan of any form of technology, here are some career paths to consider that will help you do what you love for the rest of your life.

1. Audio Engineer

The basics of an audio engineer involves recording, mixing, and producing sounds and music. For the tech lover, this means working with cutting edge software and hardware with the ability to move into industries such as television, music, video games, movies, software development, and more.

2. Game Design

The gaming industry is now worth over $7.4 billion, and this makes it a great field for those that enjoy almost any form of hardware or software development. Gaming fans have a variety of options within the field of game development such as testing, editing, audio, graphic design, writing, and advertising.

3. App Developer

There are few industries that are growing as quickly as the development and release of mobile apps. The best training for soon-to-be app developers will involve the learning of coding languages such as Cocoa, Objective-C, Java, Ruby, and Node.js. There are countless ideas for amazing new mobile apps and it is going to take an army of programmers with knowledge of these languages to have them developed.

4. Specialized Tech Jobs

3D motion capture without the use of constraints or sensors on the body has become a major tool for making films, game design, and even the healthcare industry. Organic Motion’s BioStage can help with healthcare, saving people time and money. Those interested in this type of technology can work on the software end with a focus on programming or the research side of things with biomechanics.

5. Forensic Technician

Anyone that wants to put their love of technology to good use may want to consider becoming a forensic technician. A forensic technician is one of the first responders to a major crime and will use some of the most advanced gear available to collect and analyze data for either private companies such as insurance agencies or government organizations like the police department.

6. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another career that has almost countless possibilities for those that want to work with new technology every single day. In addition to mastering new hardware and software made for graphic designers, these specialists must also be creative, artistic, and think outside of the box.

These industries are here to stay for quite some time, and with the right training and academics, anyone can turn these jobs into lifelong and exciting career paths.

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