Telephone interview: how not to crash?

A recruiter called you? Much to tell you right away, he begins to evaluate you on your first word. What he likes and what he annoys him? This article guides you to get an interview in “real”.
Choose where and when
There is little chance that a recruiter warns you before you call. So you may meet him while you’re at the supermarket, transport or your work. It would be a bad idea to continue the conversation in these conditions. You need the peace and a minimum of preparation, just to remind yourself of all the details of the announcement. Do not hesitate to ask if it is possible to shift the conversation. This will not bring you harm and demonstrate your professionalism. However, avoid “uh … here I am over booked, call me in 10 days” …

Preparation = motivation
As in an interview in the office of recruiter, do not neglect the preparation phase. “We will soon have to realize the degree of preparedness of a candidate in his own way to answer the questions,” says Marie-Claire Lemaitre, Executive Director Mercuri Urval France. Now that says a candidate prepared, motivated candidate said. “This will determine whether a candidate is a coincidence or not ….” And good preparation will help you manage the stress that causes a telephone interview.

Mind your language
During the telephone interview, the recruiter does not see you, so it is much more attentive to your formulations. Hence the importance of a positive discourse. “Avoid negative wording in your sentences”. Be careful about the words you use, especially if your job requires skills in communication. “A candidate for a position involving regular contact with clients will be automatically removed if expressed poorly or if punctuates his sentences with  ”yeah”.

Take notes, a good way to score points
“The candidate must take seriously the telephone conversation the same way that an interview face-to-face,” says director of recruitment firm Alter Ego Solutions. Plan, for example, how to take notes, and an agenda for a possible decision date. “A candidate who comes in with notes taken during the telephone conversation, give the image of someone professional,” says, human resources consultant at Hays. In addition, these notes will help you prepare for another interview and ask the right questions.

Smile, It’s Your Turn
All telemarketers will tell you, even if he does not see the smile that is.  It feels faster if the person is smiling on the phone. Your voice will convey your motivation. “A person sluggish, it shows! We will try to provoke a bit to determine whether this is due to stress or personality, “said Martine de Luze. And if the recruiter you out of bed at 10 o’clock in the morning? Avoid at all costs sleepy voice … It would be hard to believe in your letter that you had someone as energetic and proactive.

Manage your time: do not tell everything
The difference between the telephone interview and the interview is the lack of physical posture and limited in time. The phone interview lasts half an hour because on average, it is both an advantage and a challenge: “We need to provide less effort to demonstrate its dynamism and fishing, but we also need to be forceful and direct to get a face-to-face, “according to Hays consultant. “You have to be clear, precise, do not go too fast, but not any book to keep for the future. ”

Politeness it also works on the phone!
Courtesy finally, is popular with recruiters. You have to have a good active listening, which means that the speaker be allowed to speak and let him finish his sentences. It must be enthusiastic, motivated and do not forget to thank the person who called you. It is increasingly rare, so when a candidate does, it’s even more remarkable. A simple but effective way to score points.

Do not let your answering machine to ruin
No luck, the recruiter came across your away message, recorded during a drunken night out … As soon as you leave a phone number on your resume, be sure to have a professional voice mail!

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