Student jobs - Work and still have time for studying

Studying and working at the same time is hard, but a lot of students have this Catch 22-type of situation – they must work part-time a job in order to have enough money for school and they have to go to school in order not to work part-time jobs all their lives. Therefore, instead of figuring why these two have to be balanced and handled at the same time, you should better focus on how to do so.(Image Source)

This is the job for a college student and one that you cannot go wrong with. Whatever skill, talent or knowledge you have, you can take it to the Internet and start freelancing online. There is a wide plethora of options – from writing to coding and everything in between. However, freelancing is also a fine opportunity to perfect your skill and get into something more serious. For example, many of today’s top graphic designers started on SitePoint – turned into 99desings some years ago – and built their portfolio around these designs; additionally, many of them went into different ventures and got decent job offers based on their freelance design works.

Remember all those movies where a good-looking and lovable jock has problems with his SATs and asks a shy yet very smart girl who is secretly in love with him for help, and then they fall in love by the end? Well, while that is unlikely to happen in the real world, it is quite probable to earn some money tutoring, especially if you excel in some specific subjects –computer programming, microbiology, Chinese, African-American literature, etc. Depending on your hourly rate and number of tutees, you can help your monthly budget a lot and still not jeopardize your own studying.

Selling Notes
Quite similar to tutoring, selling notes from your classes can be a lucrative job. When I was a student in Sydney, I used to sell macq uni notes to younger students and managed to make enough to buy myself a few pieces of computing equipment I needed. After I have passed certain subjects, I realized I did not need those notes any more and I did not have any younger friends or siblings who might need them, so I turned them into profit.

Teaching Assistant
This is a perfect position for someone who aspires to work in academia after graduating, or for an upper-classmen who just need a couple of extra dollars. You can use your previous knowledge of a certain subject and talk to your professors about using it. While the chances for this type of employment vary from country to country and one university to another, you just might strike gold – maybe your favorite teacher is looking for a TA right now! Even if this plan fails, you can look for a job as a grader – it is ever simpler and you can do it from home, over the Internet.(Image Source)
If you are planning to start a family right after finishing school, a part-time babysitting job might be a perfect preparation for that. Juniors and seniors often have no-classes days in their week, so they can spend their free nights babysitting. You do not have to know much in addition to a couple of basic rules regarding this position, but you should be a caring person and generally fond of children if you want to be successful. Ultimately, combine babysitting with tutoring and earn more money for the same amount of time!

Other Options
Of course, there are many other jobs for people who do not have freelancing skills or do not want to tutor. You can always work as a waiter/waitress, tour guide, fitness instructor or house sitter. All of these will get you paid and allow you to continue your studies, too. However bear in mind these do take a bit more time than the ones mentioned before. 

Bio: Although a Physics graduate, Marcus opted for work in fields of technology, marketing and web. He is also an author at Technivorz blog. He likes an occasional game or two and has seen Star Wars films 44 times.

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