How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired If You've Been Out Of Work For A While

Entering the workforce after an extended break can feel daunting. To successfully increase your chances of landing your dream job, or just get back in the game, consider the following tips.

Research the current job market

In the time you’ve been out of the job market, it’s likely that the roles within the industry you may have worked previously have changed. Take a look at some job postings in the field you wish to work to see which skills are required for various positions.

Brush up on your skills

Now is the time to brush up on skill sets that will help you land that perfect job. Many universities offer courses and schedules that are aimed at adults looking for some flexibility. NKU PACE offers “accelerated adult-centered” classes that are a perfect fit for someone re-entering the workforce.

Establish references

If you don’t have any recent professional references, call trusted friends and ask them to provide a character reference for you. Don’t forget any volunteer work you’ve done while you’ve been out of the professional realm. People for whom you’ve volunteered will be able to provide prospective employers a better idea of your skills and work ethic.

Update your resume

When you’re ready to update your resume, you might be concerned with large gaps in your work history. Fill these gaps with any volunteer work or part-time jobs you’ve held. If you’ve been home caring for children during this time, don’t be afraid to let employers know. Highlight all the skills you’ve fine-tuned while running your home and caring for the kids.

Create an online professional presence

In this day and age, one of the first things prospective employers will check is your online presence. Set up an account with a professional site such as LinkedIn and be sure to delete any negative posts from other social media accounts.

Be prepared to sell yourself

One of the most difficult aspects of interviewing after a long period outside of the workforce is a lack of confidence. Chances are you’ll be interviewing from time to time for people younger than you who may end up being your boss. Be confident in your abilities and portray yourself as knowledgeable and capable.

Remember that your job search this time around might take a little bit longer. Don’t get discouraged if you get a few rejections. Just getting in front of interviewers will be great practice while you’re on your way to a new career.

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