Injured at Work? Know Your Rights and Protect Yourself

When you suffer an injury at work because of the negligence of your employer, you don’t have to face it alone. Your physical, emotional and mental problems stemming from a personal injury may warrant a legal case. But how do you know what to do after you get hurt at work? Learn more about personal injury rights and procedures below.

What to Do After a Work Accident

Immediately following a work accident, you should officially notify your employer. If the company is big enough, HR may not have witnessed the accident. They will need to know details such as what task you were performing at the time, who witnessed the accident, what symptoms you have, and if you were able to go right back to work or not. Failure to immediately report a work accident may be counted against you if you ever need to take the matter to court.

Next, you need to file a claim with your state’s worker’s compensation department. This officially notifies your employer and their insurance company of your situation and helps you protect your rights.

Worker’s Compensation Rights

But what are your rights when it comes to a work injury? Of course, every state is different. But in general, you can expect the rights to file a claim, seek medical treatment, return to your job if you’re cleared by a doctor, seek disability compensation if you can’t return to work, and find a lawyer for representation. If at any point you disagree with a decision made by your job, their insurance company, or the worker’s compensation court, you also have the right to appeal it.

In addition to these rights, you also have the right to refuse suggestions from your work. For example, they may suggest that you use your own insurance for medical treatment instead of theirs. You can say no to that without fear of repercussions. In some cases, you may feel harassed by your boss or supervisor because you filed a worker’s compensation claim against their company. Under workers’ compensation law, you are protected from this harassment, as well.

Seek a Lawyer’s Help

If you run into problems during your personal injury situation, immediately seek help from a lawyer. Many lawyers are well-versed in personal injury law, and can help you seek damages incurred by the actions of your employer or their insurance company. You never have to feel bullied or be treated unfairly by an employer without seeking justice.

If you are injured at work, you must understand and defend your rights to prevent being taken advantage of by an employer. Do your research so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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