Benefits of an MBA in the Employment Market

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One way to win in today's toughest employment market of the world in the race for a better career, a big salary and satisfaction with life, is to become a valuable candidate by winning the MBA degree. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the highly recognized higher degrees in the world. More than 100 years ago, the first MBA program was established in Harvard in 1908. During this time, the MBA training was not only popular, but also prestigious indicator of knowledge. Graduates of business schools are more likely to get a job, more likely to enjoy their lives and more quickly moving up the career ladder. MBA increases the chances of getting the desired position.

Adds value of your resume
Your MBA degree makes your resume brilliant as it gives information about studying at world-class and prestigious universities, such as Harvard. These business schools have become a quality mark for candidates and employers with more confidence it will invite a top graduate business schools in the responsible position.
Provides the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge
For a year or two of study (depending on the chosen business school), you get a deep theoretical knowledge in your chosen MBA field, along with practical skills and training in international companies and work on practical case studies with fellow students.
Promises a lot of key relationships
In business school, students can great opportunities for networking:
         Close communication with fellow students (potential top managers of companies from around the world), professors (practitioners with considerable experience in the field taught).
         Students of full-time MBA can get many opportunities by meeting with potential employers on internships, which are included in the program of almost all the top MBA programs.
         Students and graduates of business schools have access to an ever-growing network of MBA graduates (professionals to key positions in the companies of the Fortune list).
         All this love is not just to help graduates in their career by providing quick access to relevant information, the business community and giving the best opportunities for career and professional growth. By the way, many MBAs programs consider it the most important advantage.

Facilitates job search
Business schools create best employment opportunities during the program and enable students to search valuable job to get practical experience. According to statistics, in the last year more than 90% of graduates of top business schools in the UK received offer for 3 months after the release (if that about 4% of the holders of the MBA diploma prefer to start their own business).

Ensures smart salary
On average, MBA graduates salary grows by 30-40% in comparison with the salary level before entering the MBA or those who do not have the MBA degree.

Opportunity to find employment in many areas
MBA graduates can find jobs in many fields. Traditionally, the most attractive sectors for graduates are consulting firms and services organizations. Moreover, the world situation is somewhat changeable. The most popular jobs are for MBAs in the service sector, consulting fields and finance. In the UK and America, the highest percentage of graduate employment is in financial and industrial groups, banking sector, energy and public sectors. Further, most of MBAs are also working in the technology sector, health care sector, and public administration or non-profit organizations as well.

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