Working environment can affect your productivity

The fact that the way your working environment looks can determine the level of your productivity should be fairly obvious by now. It does not matter whether you work from home or at the office – what matters is the feeling you get when you look at your working area. Is it too boring or plain for your taste? Does it trigger stress the moment you lay your eyes on it? If the answer to these questions is yes than it is time to do something about your working space yourself. Remember, this is the place where you spend a good portion of your day and therefore it is necessary to make it as much comfortable as possible.

Clean the mess
This solution might seem simple and heard one too many times but this is due to the fact that it really works. Organize everything on your desk and your drawers, even folders and files on your computer and you will definitely notice a positive change in your productivity when you know exactly where everything is. Having a clean and tidy working area contributes to the relaxed and stress-free feeling.
Customize your working area
You do not have to work at home in order to make your working place more personal. If you do not feel motivated working surrounded by gray and beige colors that are usually found in offices, add some color. You can hang pictures that make you happy, bring a plant that soothes you, use interesting pencils and pencil holders, post sticker notes with positive sayings and even set wallpaper on your computer that would represent you the best. These things might seem small but they are essential to make yourself feel ready to sit and work.
Music and scents
Music can help us relax and concentrate more on the work that has to be done. So go through various genres in order to discover what suits you the best and make you focus more. For some it might be classical music while some people will find louder if not heavier music better for their productivity. Choose what you enjoy the most and play that music while you work. If you work in the office, do not forget to bring headphones with you so that you would not disturb anyone else. Moreover, pick a light and fresh scent that you can spray from time to time over your working area. It is essential that the scent is not too heavy and overbearing so that it would be able to perfectly relax you and energize you for the working day.
A chair that supports you
Even if your working area looks pleasant to you, you will not be able to give your best and enjoy your work if you constantly suffer from back and joints pain. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a good chair that would give you enough comfort to sit through the day. Do not be afraid to bring your new chair to work – you can only give an idea to other colleagues on how to deal with this problem.
Adequate lighting
Having your eyes hurt all the time due to insufficient lighting can be an issue that causes your productivity to drop. Therefore, you can bring your own lamp or install led low bay lights, depending on what would better suit your working area and thus be able to do your job well without overexerting your eye muscles.
If you do everything in your power to make your working environment suit you mentally and physically, your productivity is bound to become better and getting up for work every morning will not be just another stressful obligation. 

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