Dos and Don’ts of a Job Interview

Job interviews now have become a nightmare for many young people. People walking in for an interview for the first time get so scared that they always mess things up. Interviews should be considered as a general meet up. You just have to be honest and confident enough.

However, there is a list of things that you should do in an interview and a list of things that you shouldn’t do in an interview; here you will find out everything about it. Let’s start with the Dos of an interview:

Be confident: confidence is the key to success, no matter how good or bad your preparation is your confidence can save you and your life. Answering questions with confidence even if you don’t know the correct answer can be a good idea. In many interviews the interviewer will just judge you on your confidence and communication skills.

·   Honesty is the best policy: being confident is good and you can even play smart and manipulate the interviewer but make sure you don’t lie straight in their face as this will make the interviewer go mad and they will definitely not hire you. Honesty is truly the best policy, if you don’t know the answer tell them you don’t know instead of telling a lie confidently.

·   Do prepare yourself for the basic questions: we all know the basic questions that will definitely be asked, so make sure you prepare yourself for those few questions. Especially the first one “tell me about yourself” prepare this question as much as possible as this is the question where interviewer decides whether to consider you or not.

·    Do reach on time: punctuality matters a lot in professional life. Never ever be late for an interview and on the first day of your job as this leaves a very bad impression. If there is a serious issue because of which you are getting late, inform them. Always reach 15 minutes prior to interview and keep yourself on a safer side.
While the above mentioned things are to be done in an interview, there are few things that should not be done at all in any case. Many youngsters make some mistakes in an interview; here are some ways that will help you in not making these mistakes:

·    Do not be over confident: as mentioned above that being confident is a good thing for an interview but being over confident can turn the tables upside down. Don’t try to be over smart and don’t act as if you know everything and you are the best, keep yourself obsession with yourself only for a while as this may irritate the interviewer. Answering questions confidently and honestly will always give the interviewer the positive vibes and this will help you getting the job.

·   Do not overdress: one thing you should never do in an interview is “Overdressing” make sure you dress appropriately; wear a formal dress with neat and tidy hair along with some appropriate amount and type of accessories. Don’t wear uncomfortable fancy stilettos for an interview as this may really leave a bad impression. Guys should be very careful with their tie and shirt selection as most of the guys make mistake here, while girls should be very careful while applying makeup. Remember that you are going to a professional interview not a party.

·   Don’t be scared of not getting hired: walking in an interview with a fear of not getting hired will definitely ruin your day and the interview. Always remember that you have lots of opportunities and you will get the job if it’s in your destiny, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s better to focus on the questions rather thinking about the outcome.

·    Don’t give typical answers: being in limits and being confident you should always come up with some great yet unique answers. Typical answers are given by every other person. When defining your strengths and weaknesses you can go creative, prepare for this question as well. Saying I am honest, hardworking, etc. won’t help you stand out. The first question is asked “tell me about yourself” here the interviewer o not want to know your personal life story or anything elaborated what is already there in the resume. Only hare` professional details and mention a bit what is in your resume.

If above mentioned Dos and don’ts are kept in mind while appearing in an interview then trust me nothing can go wrong. Some of these might sound very small and simple but these little things matters a lot and counts a lot in the professional industry.

Author Bio: Samantha J. David is the chief operating officer of one of the famous recruitment firms of Australia at Assignment Help Online. She has been training professionals since 1999 and has worked in seven different countries of the world.


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