How to Design the Ideal Home Office

Working from home means you don’t have to put on a suit every single day, shave your face or do your hair morning after morning, buy expensive work suits or waste time commuting for hours. It also means you can decorate your office the way you like and add the items you find necessary – from precious sports memorabilia to your children’s early art projects. If you decorate your home office properly, you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy your working area, which will make you more productive and efficient. Here are a few ideas how you can design your ideal home office.

Proper Equipment
A number of people working from home are freelancing and doing their work over the Internet, so two most important things in their home office are a reliable computer and a wireless connection. Even if you’re not freelancing, you’ll still need to be online all the time and thus won’t be able to imagine your office without a proper Wi-Fi hub. Unfortunately, that’s not all.
Besides a computer you can rely on, you’ll also need other equipment you could find in a regular office – a printer, scanner, monitor, shredder, phone, etc. The problem is, however, that you’ll have to get all of these items on your own, instead of having them provided by the company you work for. This could get pricey, so keep this in mind when considering your home office budget.

A Perfect Space for Your Desk
If you’re stuck behind a desk for hours every single day, make sure you’ve found the perfect spot for it. Staring at a wall won’t get you inspired, productive or creative, but finding a better solution could do wonders for your work.
By positioning your desk near a window, you’ll get lots of natural light, and also be able to find inspiration in the outdoors. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and since you’re the one designing your own office, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do that. Another idea is to place your desk on a patio or even in the backyard and enjoy the nature around you. That way, you’ll get more work done and your day will pass by much faster.

Support and Comfort
Speaking of desks, not everyone knows that a proper desk/chair combo is vital in a home office – but they learn it after just a day or two. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair and at an inappropriate desk produce acute low back pain and make it impossible for you to do your job. That’s why you need to think long and hard before purchasing home office furniture.
Start with the desk – there are lots of options to choose from, so make sure you pick a spacious and supportive desk that will help you endure long working hours. While a traditional desk could work for most people, others just can’t sit all day long, so innovative adjustable desks might be the perfect solution for them. Their height can be adjusted in just a matter of seconds, so you can alternate between a standing and sitting position to avoid chronic back pain. The same goes for the chair – make sure it’s ergonomic, supportive and comfy, and don’t worry if it costs a bit more than usual.

A Personal Touch
Being in a position to decorate your own office, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to it. Instead of generic pictures or motivational posters covering your walls, why don’t you add a portrait of your family or something that has a special meaning for you? These things will surely inspire you more and allow you to stay connected with your family while working.
Nevertheless, remember to stay professional when decorating your home office. Baby pictures all over the place might seem cute and motivating when you’re alone, but someone else might find them unfitting. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you won’t have business meetings in your office, so balance your decorations between personal and corporate.

Other Ideas
Some other ideas you should consider when designing a home office are proper lighting solutions, storage organization and keeping your office area away from your living space. This way, you’ll get a nice, comfortable and enjoyable office like no other.

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