Careers That Provide Great Health Insurance

Aside from a nice salary and plenty of vacation time, one of the biggest draws of a job is going to be the benefits that they offer their employees. In fact, many employees attest to the fact that health insurance is particularly important and valued. However, in today’s economy it may be a bit difficult to find a job that offers excellent health care. But while it may be difficult, it most certainly isn’t impossible. Here are some careers that offer great health care.

Mail Services

One of the best careers to consider with excellent health coverage includes positions in mail services. For those that work with the United States Post Office, they can expect to get government health coverage and benefits. However, even those that work in the independent sector can also expect to find jobs with excellent health care. For example, UPS and FedEx both rank among the Fortune list of top 100 companies to work for that offer benefits to their employees.

Food Markets

Many health food chains also offer health benefits for their employees. What is particularly great about this is the fact that some of these benefits are even available for their part time employees, which is uncommon amongst other super market chains. In that same Fortune 500 list, Whole Foods Market and Wegmans Food Markets both make the list for the coverage that they provide their employees.


It makes sense that the medical industry would provide great health coverage for their employees. While doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals all typically get coverage for their own health; there are also independent companies such as 911 Industrial Response Inc., a company that provides industrial safety services in Grande Prairie, that also provide health services for their employees. Not only do medical careers offer great benefits, but they also provide for immediate connections with medical professionals that a person would feel comfortable with.


Not all retail stores offer excellent benefits, but there certainly are some that go above and beyond for their employees. While most retail stores offer health coverage to their full time employees, stores like Hot Topic, Nordstrom, and Nike are among the best at offering coverage to even their part time employees as well.

Technology Sector

Many technology positions come with big paychecks, so it’s nice to consider the fact that they also provide for great health benefits as well. Companies like Intel, Yahoo, and Texas Instruments all rank among the top 100 companies that offer ideal benefits on top of already generous salaries.

Finding a job isn't just about how much you'll make each year, but also what other benefits you will get as well. Among those benefits, your health is certainly one of the top priorities, which is why health coverage ranks so highly in importance.

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