Music at Work: How to Make Your Career in Music

Although art programs are unfortunately getting financial cuts, some graduates and art enthusiasts have been able to make a profession out of their studies. Becoming a singer may seem like the most obvious end goal, but check out these four other ways to create professions out of music.

Be an Entertainment Reporter/Reviewer

For someone who is not a musician, it may be difficult to elaborate on how instrumentation sounds in the background for certain songs. But for someone who knows how to play an instrument, they will have a much easier time being an entertainment reporter and reviewing an album. Although albums that rely on electronic beats are much simpler to critique, entertainment reporters who have a background in instrumentation can give a more expert opinion. A music degree or journalism degree also comes in handy when interviewing producers and live bands.

Become an Online Music Instructor

Although there may be some money skimming on electives in universities, there are indeed some educational facilities that still offer music programs. Generally a career in music education begins in the classroom and ends with a master’s in music education. Online institutions are gaining in popularity due to their flexibility, and music teachers may even be able to open their job application process to the Internet world and teach at online schools.

Audition as a Background Singer

Some of the most famous singers today started off as background singers. Some even did background singing while being famous, including John Legend (for Alicia Keys), Mariah Carey (for Brenda Starr), Lenny Kravitz (for Madonna), Sheryl Crow (for Michael Jackson), Cher (for The Ronettes), Elton John (for The Scaffold) and Luther Vandross (for David Bowie). Not only is this a great way to meet your favorite artists, but it also provides an opportunity to be seen and network with other artists.

Try Out Being a Radio DJ

Some music artists who have gone from radio personalities to rappers, producers, songwriters and singers include Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Solange, Spinderella and Big Tigger. The latter artist is probably the most relentless with proving to other peers that he was as talented as a rapper as he was as a host, constantly freestyling with celebrities on "Rap City: The Basement." That lead him to the Billboard-topping song "Snake" with R. Kelly, which made its way to number 16 on The Top 100 and crossed over to number 10 on the United Kingdom's charts.

For readers, an artist who is savvy within the music industry tends to be a more credible source for everything from music reviews to entertainment reporting. Of course people without proper music education have been able to succeed, but as with any career, credibility and knowledge of the industry helps music majors have more career versatility.

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