Degrees That Make A Gamer

Picking a major in college can be beyond terrifying, especially when you’re just figuring out yourself and what you plan to go into. So what if video games are your passion, what's next after High School? Knowing you've already conquered the first challenge of choosing the beginning step of your future is a huge accomplishment on its own.

What Is Gaming Development?

This is a field that focuses heavily on the use of developmental skills, computer skills and mathematics, as these are the three main things that will go into creating a video game. These three things will span throughout your entire college career and into the work force as well. Dealing with things such as story line creation, programming, graphic design and conception, it’s not uncommon to study these things as you’re going for your degree. You’ll become familiar with what it means to create a game and the process from head to toe in the gaming industry. This is a degree that creates an even more robust gamer and equips them with the skills and tools that they’ll need to advance them further in the future. Having opportunities to work on development teams, rendering and coding as well, this is amust in this industry.

Popular Courses For Video Game Development?

If you’re extremely passionate about what you’re doing and the field you’re venturing into, then this will lead to a fulfilling, fun, lucrative and hands on career for your future. This is a diverse field that needs many different minds to mold, there is a wide variety of courses and subjects that students who’re interested in studying video games find themselves taking and considering. Such as programming courses, software architecture, data structures, artificial intelligence, structure of game production, 3D content creation, game pre production, engine development, game networking and game rules, physics, trigonometry, calculus, image rendering, linear algebra, software engineering, public speaking, optimization and the structure of game design. The types of courses, names of courses and lengths of the courses will all be different and vary depending on the institution or university you find yourself taking these in. This is just a general overview on the types of things you’ll need to be learning.

Where Can You Study?

There are many quality places of study across the country that is perfect for development programs for video games. Two popular ones in Massachusetts are the Massachusetts institute of Technology and Becker College. In California, there’s the University of Southern California. In Utah, the University of Utah. In New York, there’s the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ohio has the Shawnee State University. Georgia has Savannah College of Art and Design, and New Mexico offers the University of Mexico. There are plenty of others that offer great courses, but these are some amongst students who often go to study video game development.

Job Possibilities

Many students fear that after they graduate and get their degree, they won’t land a job for what they ended up studying at university. So what types of jobs are out there for these students? Some of the most popular include game producer or artist, graphic designer, programmer, creative writer, storyline editor, level designer, tester, and audio specialist. Anyone hired is someone who is specialized to a skill that the development team will need to acquire. Finding an MMO gaming website to intern at, where you can learn and practice, is a great first step to prepare your skills.

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